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  1. Open the Internet folder or the Assistants folder on the hard drive.
  2. Double-click the Internet Setup Assistant icon.
  3. Click Update.

  4. Click the right arrow at the bottom right corner to continue.

  5. Click Add Internet configuration. Click the right arrow.

  6. Enter the ISP name for the configuration (Internet Chicago) and click Modem. Click the right arrow.

  7. Select the modem, port and dial type. Click the right arrow.

  8. Enter the local ISP phone number, user ID and password. Click the right arrow. If you don't know the dial-up number closest to you, use (847) 879-7759 for now. More numbers are listed at

  9. There is no IP address for this configuration. Click No and then click the right arrow.

  10. Enter the SERVER ASSIGNED DNS numbers. Enter the domain name Click the right arrow.

  11. Enter your e-mail address and password. Click the right arrow.

  12. Enter you username for the e-mail account, and enter for the e-mail host. Click the right arrow.

  13. Enter for the newsgroup host. Click the right arrow.

  14. Click Go Ahead.

  15. The Internet configuration will be set up and a test connection will be made.

Connecting and disconnecting
After the Internet configuration has been set up, there are two main ways to connect and disconnect:

Internet Dialer

The Internet Dialer helps you manage your connection to the Internet. If you have more than one Internet Service Provider, the Internet Dialer allows you to choose which configuration to make active. The Internet Dialer is located in the Internet folder.

Auto-connect and auto-disconnect

The PPP software included with Mac OS 8 is set to connect on-demand if an application initiates a network request. The software is also set to disconnect automatically after 10 minutes of inactivity. Non US English versions of Mac OS 8 may have this set differently. These settings can be changed through the PPP control panel by clicking Options and selecting the Connections tab.

Desktop icons for the mail and the web

Mac OS 8 includes two desktop icons titled Browse the Internet and Mail. These icons launch the default web browser or e-mail application. If auto-connect is set ON (see above), then connections will be initiated if the browser attempts to load a home page, or if the mail client checks for mail on start up. These default applications are set up and maintained through Internet Config, located in the Internet Config folder, in the Internet Utilities folder, in the Internet folder. This folder also contains instructions for how to use Internet Config.


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