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ISDNIntegrated Services Digital Network, is a system of digital phone connections, which have been available for over a decade. This system allows data to be transmitted simultaneously across the world using end-to-end digital connectivity. ISDN is a great DSL alternative if DSL is not available in your area.


  • Available in single or dual channel (64K or 128K)
  • Available as Dedicated or Dial-up

ISDNBenefits of ISDN:

  • ISDN has very high stability
  • Dial-up ISDN can be turned on or off, allowing more flexibility for users
  • The amount of time it takes for a communication to begin on an ISDN line is typically about half the time of an analog line, this improves response time for interactive applications.
  • Dedicated ISDN allows you to be connected at all times on a pair of dedicated ports so you're not sharing your ports with other users.


Type of Connection Installation Monthly Charge*
Dial-up ISDN 64K Single B Channel 200 Hours
Dial-up ISDN 128K Dual Channel 200 Hours
Dedicated ISDN 128K Dual Channel
*Your local phone company will charge an additional line fee for your ISDN line usage.